FUE Hair Transplant Cost

FUE Hair Transplant Cost

Patients can choose the FUE hair transplant method with or without shaving. FUE hair transplant cost Therefore, the prices of the FUE hair transplant cost technique may vary. Patients can learn the best price information by communicating directly with the hair transplant clinic. FUE hair transplant cost The clinic’s website has contact numbers and a live support line. Patients can reach the clinic by calling or sending a message on Whatsapp and ask their questions. In every method, the hair transplant clinic employees provide quick feedback to all questions of the patients.

Are Hair Transplants Expensive

Some people may think that a hair transplant is expensive. However, a hair transplant is not a solution for only a few months or a few years against hair loss. After hair transplant surgery, patients do not have hair loss problems throughout their lives. For this reason, hair transplant surgery provides a service that patients will benefit from for many years. Also, a hair transplant is the only solution against hair loss. Haircare products are useless in stopping genetic hair loss. Therefore, patients do not have any solution options other than hair transplants. Therefore, a hair transplant is not expensive.

What Is FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair transplant is the most modern and effective solution against hair loss in the 21st century. FUE hair transplant includes unique small hair transplant tools. Thanks to these tools, doctors collect hair follicles one by one and transplant them one by one. Therefore, the patient does not have any cuts or wounds due to the surgery. A hair transplant does not cause any pain because it does not cause any cuts or wounds. Thus, patients have the chance to return to their office work in a short time. Also, in the FUE technique, doctors can transfer more hair follicles. In the other method, doctors can transplant fewer grafts. Therefore, doctors recommend the FUE technique to patients according to the needs of the patient.

Are Hair Transplants Painful

In the FUE technique, as in other hair transplant surgeries, doctors apply sedation to patients. Thanks to sedation, patients do not feel anything during a hair transplant. However, the consciousness of the patients is clear. Therefore, patients can follow the hair transplant surgery. Moreover, patients do not have a painful period after the operation, thanks to the FUE technique. If the patient’s pain threshold is low, he can use painkillers with the doctor’s advice.

Are Hair Transplants Haram

No religious source contains any information that prohibits hair transplant. Doctors use the patient’s hair in the hair transplant operation. Therefore, the patient’s hair remains as the patient’s hair. In this case, there is no deception. Therefore, no religion has a verse that prohibits hair transplant. Patients should not trust people who say that hair transplant is haram. There is no information in religious books that hair transplant is prohibited. Therefore, patients can have FUE hair transplant surgery with peace of mind.

Are Hair Transplants Dangerous

A hair transplant is not an operation with vital risks. Before the hair transplant, patients should follow the doctor’s list of rules. A few days before coming to the hair transplant operation, patients should not consume blood thinners, alcohol, and cigarettes. Also, wearing comfortable clothes will cause a more comfortable situation for the patients. Patients will be safe during the operation if they follow what the doctor says.

How Hair Transplant Works

After the hair transplant, the hair of the patients grows for a few months. Then, the patient’s transplanted hair falls out suddenly. After this shedding, the patient’s hair starts to grow again, and this hair is permanent for the patient. At the end of 1 year, the patient has a considerable length of hair.


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