FUT Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant

The FUT technique is the most comfortable hair transplant method for patients. In the FUT technique, doctors perform the surgery with unique and state-of-the-art devices. That’s why doctors work meticulously in surgery. Thus, no scar and no cut marks occur on the patient’s head.  However, in the old hair transplant methods, patients had scars and cut marks on their heads for a few weeks. Therefore, the patient would have to sleep at home with pain during the postoperative period. Thanks to the FUT technique, patients now continue their lives more painlessly.

What Is FUT Hair Transplant

A significant advantage of the FUT technique is that doctors can transplant more grafts in the FUT technique. Depending on the patients’ hair loss status, patients may need a large number of hair follicles. Thanks to the FUT technique, doctors can transplant many hair follicles in a single session. Also, the session time of hair transplant with the FUT technique is shorter than other methods.

How Hair Transplant Is Done

In the FUT technique, doctors collect hair follicles one by one from the nape of the patients. In a hair transplant operation, the donor area is the nape and around the nape. Doctors first shave this area. Then they collect the strong hair follicles one by one with special pencils. After this process, the most significant advantage of the FUT technique comes to the fore. Doctors open hair channels to the patient’s balding area and place the hair follicles one by one in this area. When placing the hair follicles, doctors transplant the hair follicles in the same direction. If the hair follicles look in the same direction, the patient’s hair will have a more natural look when it grows. After a hair transplant with a special pen, FUT hair transplant ends.

When Hair Transplanted Hair Start Grow


The first wash after hair transplant surgery is significant for hair follicles. Patients should wash their hair by massaging their hair without damaging the hair follicles. Patients can go to the hair transplant clinic if they are worried that it will damage the hair follicles. In the clinic, specialist doctors wash the patient’s hair without damaging the hair follicles. After that, the patient should pay attention again. However, the patient may not need to come to the clinic. Patients may seek the advice of hair care creams and hair care products from the doctor for postoperative care.

After Hair Transplant When Does Hair Grow

After the hair transplant surgery, the growth of the patient’s hair is a long period. In the first few months after the operation, the transplanted hair of the patient falls out. When patients see these hair losses, they do not need to be afraid. After hair loss, the patient’s permanent hair begins to grow. At the end of 6 months, the patient has visible hair.

Are Hair Transplants Good

Hair transplant has nothing harmful to the health of patients. Therefore, patients only need to follow some rules given by the doctor. Before the surgery, patients should stop consuming some products such as alcohol, cigarettes, and medicine. After the surgery, they should pay attention to their health. They should not be in very hot environments such as saunas and should not do heavy work.

How Hair Transplant Is Done In Turkey


Doctors in plantation operations in Turkey will use sedation or local anesthesia. Therefore, the patient becomes conscious during the surgery. Then, doctors collect the intact hair follicles and transfer them to the patient’s bald area. During this transfer, doctors usually use the FUT method. The FUT technique is the most modern and highly successful hair transplant method.


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