Hair Clinic

Hair Clinic

One of the points that those who want to have hair transplantation should pay attention to is the hair clinic. The clinic is important for those who want to have a hair transplant, as well as there are certain questions they are curious about, such as the operation and recovery time, insurance coverage, follicles growth time, and more.

Are hair transplants painful?

For a painless hair transplant operation, local anesthesia is used successfully in many surgeries today. Thus, the patient feels no pain during transplantation. Another advantage of local anesthesia is that it does not make you sleep during the operation, so you can spend time watching television while your doctor transplants your hair follicles.

There may be minor pain after the operation. You will relieve these pains that you will not experience at an exaggerated level easily with mild painkillers recommended by your doctor.

Most of the people who had hair transplantation stated that they did not feel pain after the operation. Some of the patients stated that they experienced mild pain but that these pains disappeared with painkillers.

Are hair transplants dangerous?

Another reason for concern about hair transplant damage is the spread of information confusion. There are many unfounded claims and much-unfounded information about the hair transplant operation. In cases where the necessary controls and standards are applied appropriately by specialist physicians, hair transplant surgery is not a type of surgery that can harm individuals. So is hair transplant surgery dangerous? The answer to the question is no, in a good hair transplant procedure.

Are hair transplants effective?

Even if the person who will have hair transplantation is not completely bald, it is a safe method applied by experts to people who experience thinning due to hair loss.

Hair transplantation is a popular and effective method for hair loss and baldness problems. There is no shedding in the follicles transplanted with hair transplantation. With hair transplantation, people have old, even stronger, and healthier hair in a short period of 10 months.

Specialist physicians and teams perform hair transplantation operations, and you should prefer the best hair transplantation specialists and their teams. Besides, your doctor should do your hair transplantation with high precision. Errors that will occur during the operation may cause negativity in terms of the patient’s image. It isn’t easy to come back from these negativities. However, if the doctors make a restoration after hair transplantation, there will be corrections.

Are hair transplants getting better?

Hair transplantation has developed a lot in recent years. Besides, due to this reason, the number of people who had hair transplantation has increased. In these procedures, even hair transplant scars are no longer left. Since the specialist doctors have made many improvements, the problems experienced in hair transplantation are very few.

Are hair transplants tax deductible?

No, you cannot usually use the amount you pay for optional operations such as facelift, hair transplant, and liposuction as tax-deductible. there is no tax refund in such elective procedures.

If you are planning to have a hair transplant, what comes to your mind rather than the price is who will do the hair transplant and whether the specialist who will perform the hair transplant is experienced or not.

Are hair transplants covered by insurance?

Insurance does not cover optional operations such as hair transplantation. Insurances are generally not covered in cosmetic surgeries. In case there is a medical necessity in such elective surgeries that is related to the health of the patient besides the aesthetic purposes, in that case some part of the cosmetic surgeries may be covered by insurance; and yet this is not an option for hair transplants.

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