Hair Graft

Hair Graft

The term graft is used not only in hair transplantation but also in dentistry and other surgical fields. In hair transplantation, the term graft is used for hair follicles taken from the donor area of patients who need hair follicle transplantation. Each graft contains a certain number of hair follicles and a small amount of skin. Some grafts differ according to the skin and the number of grafts in it. Grafts can have different sizes. Some grafts may contain double, triple, or five hair follicles.

Can hair transplants thicken hair?

After the hair transplantation, the hair is more matte, curly or wavy, thinner and thinner. Over time, the hair shines, thickens, takes color, and returns to its normal form. In time, your hair will also fall out, But you don’t have to worry. This is quite an expected situation. Then your hair that will grow will begin to grow in a very lush and wonderful appearance.

Which Hair Transplant Technique is better?

Many methods have been used with the developing technology for hair transplantation, which is among the most common and frequently preferred aesthetic operations today.

In the first years of hair transplantation, while providing solutions to patients with the FUT technique, the FUE technique was used over time, and finally, the DHI technique was developed. The most commonly used methods today are FUE and DHI hair transplantation methods.

The general question of patients who are about to decide to have a hair transplant is ” which hair transplant technique is better.” When hair transplantation operations are examined in detail, it is seen that each technique offers a solution to a different need. Therefore it is not considered correct to say that any of these methods is better.

Who did Deion sanders hair transplant?

Deion Sanders, who is very happy with the hair transplant process, quite clearly said that he had hair transplantation with the posts he uploaded to Instagram. The fact that celebrities behave openly in hair transplantation procedures also provides self-confidence to the people who will undergo hair transplantation.

Are hair transplant safe

You will experience zero pain during the hair transplant procedure, thanks to the application of local anesthesia. However, hair transplantation has become a well-known method due to developing technology and mastering different processes. Therefore, this method, which many people use, has proven to be very reliable with its satisfaction and success rates.

Are hair transplants covered by insurance?

Even if the procedures such as hair transplantation are medical procedures, the insurance does not cover the hair transplantation process because it is a procedure that the person has done voluntarily.

However, we think that hair transplantation is definitely worth the time and money you spend. With the beautiful appearance and self-confidence, it provides. In addition, we think that there are still hair transplantation procedures at affordable prices.

Can hair transplants grow

Hair growth after hair transplantation varies according to environmental factors. However, if you do everything you are told properly, this process starts in 2 weeks. In the first two weeks, your hair starts to grow again. After that, in the next process, as you enter the first month, your hair will grow considerably, and you will enter the process called shock shedding, and all of your hair will be shed. Do not worry, as this is quite expected. Between 2 and 3 months, your hair will start to grow back nicely. In 5 to 9 months, your hair will continue to grow, and it will look like normal hair. After the 12th month, the process is completely finished, and you continue your life with the hair transplant you have done in a way that is not visible from the outside.

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