Hair Plantation

Hair Plantation

Hair has great importance in people’s appearance. That’s why people buy lots of conditioners, oils, and shampoos for hair treatments. However, they may still have hair loss problems because the main cause of hair loss is usually genetic reasons. The only and most effective solution for hair loss in this situation is a hair transplant. In a hair transplant, doctors transfer hair follicles from another part of the patient to the bald area. Thus, patients have their hair and have a natural appearance.

Will a Hair Transplant Fall Off

In a hair transplant, doctors usually transfer the hair follicles from the patients’ neck to the bald area. The hair on the nape of people is the healthiest and strongest hair follicles. For this reason, people generally do not lose their hair on their necks throughout their lives. Since doctors use these hair follicles, patients do not experience hair loss after a hair transplant. After hair transplant surgery, the patient’s hair grows slowly for a few months. However, a few months after the operation, the transplanted hair of the patient falls out. This hair loss is not a bad condition. After the shedding, the patient’s hair starts to grow again. This growing hair is permanent hair for the patient. One year after the hair transplant operation, the patient will have an average hair length.

Can Hair Transplants Thicken Hair

In a hair transplant, doctors use the patient’s hair for transplant. Therefore, if the patients’ hair is thick, their hair will continue to remain thick. If they have weak hair, the patient’s hair will be weak. Therefore, a hair transplant does not have a feature that changes the thickness of the hair. During a hair transplant, patients may request PRP treatment for their hair from their doctor. The doctor applies the PRP treatment during the hair transplant procedure. Thanks to PRP treatment, the patient’s hair can grow faster and positively affect the thickness of the patient’s hair. There is no PRP treatment in hair transplant. Therefore, patients can get advice from their doctor about PRP treatment.

Which Hair Transplant Method Is Best

Standard hair transplant techniques in hair transplant are FUE and DHI methods. Nowadays, the FUE method includes the newest hair transplant devices compared to the DHI method. Therefore, doctors have the chance to work more meticulously in the FUE method. Thus, in the FUE technique, no cuts or scars occur on the patient’s head. Therefore, patients can return to their daily lives in a shorter time. Patients can choose shaved or unshaved hair transplants among these methods, if they wish, in consultation with their doctor.

Which Hair Transplant Technique Is Better

The most modern hair transplant technique today is the FUE technique. However, the DHI method may be more suitable for long hair. In other words, the procedures vary from patient to patient and for the needs of the patient. Therefore, there is no best hair transplant method. There is a hair transplant method suitable for the patient. Still, the patient decides which hair transplant method to choose.

Is Hair Transplant Successful

The clinic has a team of specialists and state-of-the-art hair transplant equipment. Therefore, the clinic has a high success rate in hair transplant. Patients can visit the clinic’s website to see past success in hair transplants.

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Safe

There is no significant risk or danger for patients in hair transplant surgery. Even in hair transplant surgery, the consciousness of the patients will be clear. So patients can follow the surgery. If the patients follow the doctors’ rules before the surgery, the patient’s vital risks will not be in the surgery.


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