Hair Restoration Cost

Hair Restoration Cost

Hair restoration prices vary according to the preferences of the patients. For hair restoration, patients have different options with FUE or DHI and with or without shaving. Therefore, patients should contact the hair transplant clinic to get the most precise price information. Patients can easily reach the clinic from the contact addresses on the website of the clinic. Calling on the phone or sending messages from WhatsApp is an option for patients. Also, patients can directly contact the live support line on the clinic’s website. Clinical staff answer the questions of the patients in the fastest way possible.

Is Hair Transplant Permanent

After hair transplant surgery, many patients have fears that they will experience hair loss again. However, there is no risk or danger for patients to worry about hair loss. In a hair transplant, doctors transfer the strongest hair follicles of the patient. Hair Restoration Cost People have the healthiest hair follicles on their nape. Therefore, doctors use the hair follicles on the neck of patients for hair restoration. Thus, patients do not have a hair loss problem again.

Can Hair Transplants Fall Out

A few months after the hair transplant surgery, the patient’s new hair falls out. However, this hair loss is short-lived. Therefore, patients should not worry when they lose their hair. After hair loss, the patient’s hair begins to grow healthy and lush. At the end of 6-12 months, patients have an ideal hair length. Then, patients will not face hair loss problems again. Therefore hair transplant operation is a permanent operation.

Can Hair Transplants Hurt You

In the hair transplant operation, doctors apply local anesthesia to the patients at the beginning of the surgery. Therefore, a patient does not feel any pain during the hair transplant operation. Doctors use special pressure pens while applying local anesthesia. So doctors do not use needles for anesthesia. Therefore, doctors do not hurt patients even during the anesthesia stage. Patients do not have cuts and scars because doctors use unique small tools in FUE hair transplantation. Therefore, they do not feel significant pain after surgery. Shortly after hair restoration, patients can return to doing their office work. However, some patients may be more sensitive to pain than usual. Therefore, postoperative patients may request painkillers from their doctors for minor pain.

Can Hair Transplants Be Removed

Patients should be cautious in the first wash after the hair transplant operation. During the first wash, patients may damage their hair follicles while washing their hair. Therefore, patients can go to the hair transplant clinic for the first hair washing procedure. Specialist workers can carefully clean the patient’s hair. After this stage, patients should continue to wash their hair for a while by massaging. They should be careful while washing their hair in order not to damage the hair follicles. After that, there is no damage to the permanence of the patients’ hair.

Is Hair Transplant Covered By Insurance

States do not keep hair restoration within their insurance policies. Therefore, insurance discounts do not include hair transplant operations. However, patients should not think that hair transplant prices are high. The hair transplant clinic prepares hair transplant operations suitable for patients’ budgets. Patients can contact the clinic to reach affordable hair transplant prices.

Is Hair Transplant Expensive

The hair transplant clinic has hair transplant operations suitable for the patients’ budget. Hair transplant solves a problem that people will experience throughout their lives. That’s why patients should not forget that the hair transplant operation pays for service throughout their lives. Therefore, hair transplant is very valuable in terms of price performance. Hair transplant prices are not high but affordable.

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