Hair Transplant For Women

Hair Transplant For Women

Hair loss can have different causes in men and women. In female hair loss, hair loss is possible due to the thyroid gland not working. Therefore, female patients need to go to a doctor’s examination before a hair transplant. Doctors can offer different solutions according to the causes of hair loss in patients. In female hair transplants, female patients may not want to cut the long hair they have. Therefore, doctors can perform unshaved hair transplants in women. Doctors only shave a small area in the nape of the neck. Other long hair covers this shaved area by covering it. Thus, patients can have hair transplant women surgery without any change in their image.

Can Hair Transplants Hurt You

In hair transplant surgeries, patients have sedation or local anesthesia. Therefore, they do not feel any pain during the hair transplant operation. Even when applying local anesthesia, doctors can use a special pressure pen. Thus, if patients fear needles, they do not need to be afraid of hair transplant surgery. In other words, even when applying anesthesia, doctors do not hurt the patients. Patients do not feel vital pain after hair transplant surgery. If patients are sensitive to pain, post-operative doctors may prescribe mild pain relievers to patients. Therefore, patients should share their pain conditions with their doctor.

Can Hair Transplants Fall Out

Patients’ hair is shed only once a few months after hair transplant surgery. This hair loss is for the hair to grow thicker and healthier. Then the hair of the patients grows abundantly, and they do not fall out. After one year, patients continue their lives with an average hair length

Is Hair Transplant Permanent

In a hair transplant, doctors place the hair follicles on the nape of the patients in the bald area. Hair follicles on the nape of people never fall out, except for diseases. Therefore, when doctors transplant these hair follicles to the patients’ bald areas, their hair will not fall out. Thus, patients can understand that a hair transplant is an operation that has a permanent effect.

Can Hair Transplants Be Removed

Patients should be careful about hair follicles in the first washes after a hair transplant. While washing their hair, patients can damage their hair follicles. These damages may cause hair loss in patients. Therefore, patients can go to the clinic for the first hair wash. In the clinic, doctors gently wash the hair of the patients without removing the hair follicles. Apart from this, there are no significant risks for the hair of the patients to be removed.

Can Hair Transplants Thicken Hair

Apart from hair loss, patients should explain this to their doctor if they want to have thicker hair. Doctors can give different recommendations to their patients. Also, doctors can apply PRP treatment during a hair transplant. PRP treatment helps patients’ hair grow faster and fuller. Not every hair transplant includes PRP treatment. Therefore, the patient should share his / her complaints and requests with his / her doctor. If doctors consider PRP treatment suitable for patients, they can apply PRP treatment.

Is Hair Transplant Expensive

A hair transplant is an operation that affects the entire lives of patients. That’s why patients should compare the hair transplant surgery price according to the duration of its effect. Thus, patients can understand that hair transplant surgery prices are pretty low. Also, there is no alternative option instead of hair transplantation. Therefore, the only solution against hair loss in patients is a hair transplant.  Thus, if patients want to solve hair loss, they have no effective options other than hair transplant.


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