Hair Transplant in London

Hair Transplant in London

Today, many men and women have problems with their appearance due to hair loss. The most significant cause of hair loss is the genetic condition of people. Therefore, hair care products, oils, and shampoos cannot stop hair loss. The most effective solution against hair loss is hair transplant, as technologies have developed in the health sector. In a hair transplant, doctors transfer some of the patient’s strong hair follicles to the balding area. The problem of baldness does not occur in the area where the doctor collects the patient’s hair follicles. Thus, patients will not have hair loss problems in the future.

Is Hair Transplant Good For Health

Since a hair transplant in London is an operation, some patients fear a hair transplant operation. However, hair transplant surgery does not have vital risks, and there is no harm to health. Even after hair transplant surgery, patients have higher self-confidence. Therefore, hair transplantation has a positive effect on the psychology of patients. If the patients follow the doctors’ rule list before and after the surgery, patients do not have any problems. Therefore, patients should not use hair gel before coming to hair transplant surgery. Also, he should stop smoking, alcohol, and drug use at least a few days before surgery. Patients should consult their doctor if they have medications that they have to drink regularly. After the hair transplant operation, doctors advise patients not to do heavy work for a while.

Can Hair Transplants Grow

After hair transplant surgery, patients should pay attention to their hair. Therefore, patients can have their first hair wash done by specialist doctors in the clinic. After the hair transplant surgery, the patient’s hair does not grow immediately. Within a few months, the patient’s new hair falls out. Then the patient’s hair starts to grow again, and this hair becomes permanent. In the 6th month after the operation, the patient has strikingly visible hair. At the end of 1 year, the patient will have a standard length of hair. After this stage, the patient can generally make the decision he wants about his hair.

Are Hair Transplant Worth It

Hair transplantation is the most effective and guaranteed solution method against hair loss. People spend a lot of money on many care products because of hair loss. However, hair care products against hair loss are generally insufficient. Hair transplant is the most guaranteed solution method against hair loss. Therefore, patients do not experience hair loss problems after hair transplantation. Thus, it is better to spend money on hair transplants than on hair care products. Of course, patients can buy care products for the appearance of their hair after hair transplant surgery. However, the only solution for the hair loss problem is a hair transplant. That’s why a hair transplant is worth it for its price.


Is Hair Transplant Haram


The Quran does not contain a verse that prohibits hair transplantation. Therefore, there is no information that hair transplantation is forbidden. In hair transplantation, doctors do not transfer the hair of a different person to patients. Doctors move patients’ hair from one area to another. Therefore, hair transplant surgery does not have any deceptive features. Patients will still have their hair after hair transplant surgery.

Where Do Hair Transplant Hair Come From

In hair transplantation, doctors use the hair follicles in the nape of the patients. Hair follicles in the neck area are the healthiest hair follicles of people, and these hair do not fall out. Patients may lose the hair on their neck in case of illness. In these cases, doctors can use hair follicles from another part of the patient’s body in hair transplantation. Here, doctors perform this procedure in consultation with the patients after the examination.

Is Hair Transplant Real

Doctors do not transfer any artificial or plastic hair to patients. Doctors only move patients’ hair follicles from one area to another. Therefore, everything is real and natural in a hair transplant operation.

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