Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplant procedures begin with the doctors applying local anesthesia to the patient. In other words, the consciousness of the patients is clear in hair transplant procedure surgery. Then, doctors collect the hair follicles one by one from the patient’s nape with special tools. Doctors open hair channels to the bald area to suit the hair follicles. In the next step, doctors place the hair follicles facing in the same direction. Therefore, patients have a natural look in their hair. During this procedure, doctors also apply PRP treatment to the patient. Thanks to the PRP treatment, the patient’s hair grows in a shorter time and becomes lush.

Where Does Hair Transplant Hair Come From

In a hair transplant, doctors usually use the hair in the nape area. The hair on the nape has strong hair follicles in people’s bodies that do not shed. Generally, hair loss occurs in areas other than the neck area. That’s why doctors collect hair follicles from this area one by one with the latest technology tools. Since the doctors collect it one by one, there are no serious wounds on the patients’ heads. Patients will still have hair on their necks after surgery. Doctors do not remove all hair follicles.

Where Do Hair Transplant Hair Come From

Normally transplanted hairs are taken from the patient’s back of the head, but people may not have hair on their backs in some disease situations. However, patients can transfer another hair follicle in their body to their hair. The FUE technique allows this transfer. In some cases, doctors may not recommend hair transplants to patients. Therefore, doctors request some test results from patients before hair transplant surgery. According to the test results, doctors check the suitability of the patients for surgery. Doctors operate on patients when they do not see any problems.

Which Hair Transplant Method Is Best

Today, two hair transplant methods, FUE and DHI, are popular. In the FUE and DHI method, doctors similarly collect hair follicles from patients. However, doctors use different tools during the hair follicle transplant process. In the FUE technique, doctors have the chance to transplant more hair follicles. Therefore, doctors recommend the FUE technique for patients who need more hair grafts. There are also different hair transplant options with or without shaving. Patients can get advice from doctors for hair transplant methods. However, patients make the final decision in choosing the hair transplant method.

Is Hair Transplant Cosmetic Surgery

A hair transplant operation is cosmetic surgery. However, doctors use patients’ hair in hair transplant surgery. Therefore, patients do not have the hair of a different person. In other words, there is no unnatural situation in hair transplant operations. Thus, patients’ hair grows naturally. People may not understand that patients have hair transplants after a period of hair transplant surgery.

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Painful

In the hair transplant operation, doctors apply local anesthesia to patients. Therefore, patients do not have pain during the hair transplant operation. Consequently, patients should not worry about their pain in hair transplants. In a hair transplant, doctors apply local anesthesia with special pressure pens, not needles. That’s why doctors do not hurt patients even while applying anesthesia. Post-operative patients may have minor pain. However, patients will not have significant pain. If patients are very sensitive, doctors may recommend mild pain relievers.

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Effective

After the hair transplant, the hair of the patients will not fall out again. It has a high success rate in clinical hair transplant operations. Since patients will not have hair loss problems in the future, hair transplant operation is very effective. Patients can access many before and after hair transplant images from the clinic site.

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