Hair transplant Istanbul

Hair transplant Istanbul

Hair transplantation is the method of transferring the hair follicles taken from the hairy area of people with hair loss problems to the bald area. First of all, the hair follicles that will be used as donors should be collected. For this, the hair follicles on the neck of the person are used. The hair follicles taken are kept in special solutions. Then, the hairless areas are transplanted one by one into the channels opened according to hair growth direction. This surgical procedure, which takes an average of 6-8 hours, is called hair transplantation. Hair transplant Istanbul is very popular.

What is FUE hair transplant

FUE technique is a method of hair transplantation based on the transfer of hair follicles taken from the person’s nape one by one to non-hair areas. With this method, hair taken from any part of the body (such as back, chest, and legs) can be transferred.

When hair transplants don’t work

Hair transplants are not appropriate for people with limited donor areas. The operation should not be done to people who are at risk in terms of health.

With pre-treatment analysis, information such as the hair’s quality, the conditions of the donor areas, and how to do planning are obtained. The important point here is; Do the donor areas where the roots will be taken is sufficient for the bald area where the roots will be transplanted? An exact answer to this question must be found. Also, if the donor areas where the roots will be taken cannot cover the bald area in one session or more sessions, it is not correct to perform this operation. If the operation is performed, the possibility of very sparseness and deformations in the donor areas is high.

When hair is transplanted, hair starts to grow. In a live hair follicle transplant, the transplanted hair starts to grow three months again after it begins to shed. At the end of these three months, it grows naturally like your own hair. The actual growth period is from the 6th to the 12th month.

Within first month after hair transplantation, you will experience a process called shock shedding. Besides, your hair falls out and then begins to grow again. After completing one year, your hair will have a natural look.

Is hair transplant covered by insurance

Hair transplantation is a medical process that is done personally and at the request of the person. Therefore, hair transplantation is not covered by insurance.

Which hair transplant technique is better

There are multiple hair transplant techniques: FUE hair transplantation and DHI hair transplantation are the latest and most common ones. The best hair transplant technique is the simplest and most inconvenient method. Easy methods allow the hair to have a natural appearance.

Which is the best hair transplant technique

When we examine hair transplantation procedures and techniques retrospectively, we see that the first method to be applied is the FUT technique. We see that the FUT Technique is not currently used so much, and as a result of the developments in techniques, the most widely used FUE Technique has emerged. With the FUE Technique, DHI Method (pencil method, Choi method) has been developed to meet more regional needs.

Here we said that we would answer the question of which is the best method in hair transplantation, but the correct answer to this question is actually; “The best hair transplant method should be determined during the examination according to the person’s hair.” Therefore, patients should have a detailed consultation before the operation that covers the every medical detail and the current condition of their hair loss.

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