Hair Transplant London

Hair Transplant London

Technology develops day by day, and it is natural that new developments are experienced every day in hair transplantation techniques and hair loss treatments. Hair transplant operations, which have made significant progress and turned into a procedure performed by different methods, have taken their current form parallel with the development of the tools used. The FUE method is known as the most advanced hair transplant technique today. FUE’s natural results have taken this success one step further by using hair transplant London special devices.

Hair transplant what is it

This operation involves transplanting the hair follicles taken from areas such as the neck where hair follicles are strong and less likely to fall out to bald and dense shedding areas in a hospital, or a clinic environment by the doctor. Hair transplantation is carried out at varying times depending on the area’s width to be operated and the method of hair transplantation used. The operation time can last between 1 and 8 hours.

Hair transplant what to expect

When there is hair loss, we are disturbed by our own personal appearance. We worry about the way others perceive us. This distress prompts us to seek solutions and seek help from a plastic surgeon who specializes in hair loss. As an individual with all these concerns, your biggest expectation as you sit in front of your doctor to talk about hair loss is not hair loss but understanding hair loss’s effects on physical appearance. Generally, people’s expectation in hair transplantation is improving their physical perception, personal satisfaction, and improvement in the way others perceive them.

What to do after hair transplant

Activities and sports that may affect the hair transplantation area should be avoided for the first 2 months. The transplanted area should be protected from sunlight and rain. All medications to be used after hair transplantation should be used as described by hair transplant specialists. Also, blood thinners should not be used in the first 2 weeks after hair transplantation.

When hair transplants don’t work

Patients who are not satisfied with this procedure after hair transplantation may want to rearrange the hair transplantation process. Even if this is a very rare situation, it can be encountered. However, you do not have to panic, and hair transplant correction procedures are very easy procedures.

When hair transplanted hair start grow?

After hair transplantation, the hair moves in the same way as the existing hair after the hair follicle’s attachment. Time and patience are needed for the hair cycle to settle. How long does hair implanted after hair transplantation grow? It takes about 3 to 4 months for the new hair follicles to grow under the skin. However, it takes at least 6 to 8 months to make a difference in your aesthetic appearance and for the newly transplanted hair to grow.

After hair transplant when does hair grow?

While a period of 12 to 14 months is enough to achieve full results, in some cases, the recovery period can be up to 18 months. Hair growth time and the amount may take a little longer in restoration operations in areas where hair transplantation was performed before. While about 8 months is generally sufficient for growth in the first phase, full results can be obtained in approximately 1 year in the second phase of hair transplantation. Many factors affect hair growth, and patience is very important.

After the hair transplant, it is essential to wait for the hair growth process to return to normal. Each hair follicle has its own process. For the hair growth process to return to normal, the hair should settle in the new place first. In other words, the transplanted hair grows slower in the first stage compared to the normal hair cycle.

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