Hair Transplant Price in turkey

Hair Transplant Price in Turkey

Hair transplant is a method that solves a prevalent hair loss. Therefore, many people wonder about the price of the service they will receive. However, patients can get the best information about hair transplant prices by talking to the clinic. Patients can use the clinic’s contact addresses to contact the clinic. Hair Transplant Price in Turkey They can call the clinic or contact live support from the clinic’s website. As another option, patients can send a message to the clinic via WhatsApp. In every method, patients communicate with clinical staff. Then, the clinic staff answers all the questions of the patients.

Hair Transplant What Is It

In a hair transplant, doctors transfer the patient’s hair from another area to the bald area. Doctors collect hair follicles one by one in the nape of the patients during hair transplant surgery. Then, doctors open hair channels in the balding area of ​​the patients. Hair channels are suitable for the size of the hair follicles. Then, the doctors place the hair follicles in the hair canals one by one. Doctors work diligently and meticulously in a whole hair transplant operation. Thus, the hair transplant operation ends.

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Safe


In a hair transplant, doctors use the latest technology tools. Also, the clinic has doctors who are experts in hair transplant. Therefore, hair transplant does not have a risk for patients. A hair transplant does not have a permanent disease risk. Before the hair transplant, doctors set some rules for patients. Patients should stop consuming drugs such as alcohol, cigarette, and aspirin before surgery. After the surgery, they should not do heavy work such as sports. Patients will not have any problems if they follow the doctor’s rules.

Is Hair Transplant Haram

Some patients have religious concerns about hair transplants. However, there is no religious problem with hair transplants. Doctors use the patient’s hair follicles in hair transplants. Therefore, a hair transplant is not deceiving. Since it is not deceptive, a hair transplant is not haram. With peace of mind, patients can prefer hair transplant surgery. Patients should not believe any information they see on the Internet. They can contact the clinic to get the best information.

Is Hair Transplant Tax Deductible


Generally, conditions consider hair transplant as an aesthetic operation. Therefore, insurance does not include hair transplants. For this reason, people may think that it is expensive. However, patients should not worry about hair transplant prices. Prices for hair transplants vary according to the preferences of the patients. Patients can choose two different hair transplant methods as FUE and DHI. The prices of these two techniques are different. Therefore, patients can find affordable hair transplant prices in the clinic.

Why Hair Transplants Are a Waste of Money

Hair transplant has significant positive effects on the appearance of the patients. Therefore, spending money on hair transplants is not a waste. People can care for their looks. This situation is quite normal. Spending money on appearances is not a waste. Likewise, having a hair transplant will not be a waste. It is a wrong idea for people to think of hair transplants as waste.

Is Hair Transplant Covered by Insurance

In many countries, insurance does not support hair transplants. Therefore, some patients may have concerns about the hair transplant fee. However, the clinic calculates hair transplant cost following the patients’ budgets. That’s why patients can access affordable hair transplants in the clinic. Patients can ask all the questions they are curious about in hair transplants by calling the clinic. Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime to get more information on hair transplant procedures and the most affordable prices.


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