Hair transplant procedure

Hair transplant procedure

We will answer the question of what hair transplantation is first; it is an operation that applies to people who have hair loss due to aging, genetics, disease, and accident. Hair transplant operation is the process of transferring the hair follicles between the two ears at the head’s back to your hairless area.

Are hair transplants permanent?

FUE, DHI, and Percutaneous techniques do not cause a permanent scar if applied by a specialist. When the recovery period is completed after the operations in which these techniques are applied; It is almost impossible to leave any traces in the transplanted area or donor area. However, the oldest method, the FUT technique, causes scarring in the donor area due to the incision and stitching procedures it contains.

Are hair transplant safe?

Since doctors perform hair transplantation in a safe and hygienic environment with sterile, aseptic conditions, there are not many complications. People who are sensitive to local anesthesia rarely experience palpitations, mild nausea, and dizziness in the first hour after the procedure. However, this situation passes in a short time with rest. With the right doctor and clinic selection, you will have a very reliable hair transplant procedure. Thus, there will be no reason for you not to be satisfied with your procedure.

Are hair transplants bad?

Since hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, advantages and disadvantages can be seen during the operation. Some people may experience unsatisfactory results they never expected if doctor plans or performs your operation poorly. The hair can have serious damage. The first thing to pay attention to is the correct collection of the hair to be transplanted. Excessive collection of hair follicles damages the donor area and may lead to an uneven appearance. Knowing how much hair can be removed from the donor area is something that only an experienced doctor will already know.

Are hair transplants good?

Hair transplantation, which has a highly developed technology, is a very convenient procedure.

After making sure that the clinic you chose is suitable for you, you will be surprised by the satisfaction you receive from the hair transplant procedure. If you want to learn about hair transplantation, you can get information by going to a hair transplant clinic near you.

Are hair transplants haram?

In hair transplantation; Someone else’s hair follicles or synthetic substances are not used instead of your own original hair. The roots that are transplanted to the area to be planted are also the roots that belong to you. It can be said that it is not within the scope of the prohibition, and it is permissible.

Are hair transplants forever?

Among the frequently asked questions about hair transplantation, what is almost the wondered question; whether the result will be permanent. Hair transplantation is the process of permanent re-hearing of the areas where you previously experienced hair loss. The main reason for hair loss, especially in men, is the DHT hormone. When the DHT hormone is secreted excessively, it prevents the follicles’ nourishment by accumulating in the hair follicles. The roots that cannot be fed lose their quality hair production feature over time. This drum forms the basis of hair loss. This is the main reason why the donor area is almost always the nape area, because the hair follicles in the nape are insensitive to the DHT hormone and not prone to shedding, after you adapt to their new place, this situation continues, and you will have permanent hair that you can use for a lifetime.

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