Hair Transplant Results

Hair Transplant Results

Although people care too much for their hair, they may experience hair transplant results loss. In these cases, the biggest and general cause of hair loss is genetic reasons. That’s why hair loss is a common problem for many men and women. The most guaranteed solution for hair loss is a hair transplant. The most significant hair transplant result is that patients do not have hair loss problems after a hair transplant. Also, in hair transplant, doctors transplant the patient’s hair. Therefore, as a result of hair transplant, patients have a natural appearance in their hair.

Are Hair Transplants Tax Deductible

Unfortunately, the state does not offer tax deductions for hair transplants. However, when patients learn that there is no tax reduction, they should not think that hair transplant prices will be high. The hair transplant clinic shapes the hair transplant prices according to the preferences of the patients. Therefore, patients should contact the hair transplant clinic. The best way to communicate with the clinic is to call or text the clinic on the phone. The patient can easily find the contact addresses of the clinic from the clinic website.

Is Hair Transplant Worth

People buy many hair care products for their hair growth. However, hair care products often do not work to stop hair loss. Hair transplant solves the problem of hair loss with a high success rate. People can pay the money they will pay for hair care products for a one-time hair transplant operation. Hair transplant is a definitive solution, and people do not experience hair loss again in their lives. Therefore, if they look at the service’s duration, they can understand that a hair transplant is worthwhile. In other words, a hair transplant is not only a short-term solution. Hair transplants are a permanent and effective solution against hair loss problems.

Is Hair Transplant Painful

Patients do not feel pain during the hair transplant operation. Before the hair transplant operation, doctors apply sedation or local anesthesia to patients. Patients become conscious in the hair transplant operation. However, patients do not feel any pain thanks to sedation or local anesthesia. During the surgery, doctors use special small pens in FUE hair transplants. Therefore, doctors do not create any cuts or scars on the patients’ heads. Thus, patients do not suffer great pain after surgery. Shortly after the operation, patients can return to doing their office work in their lives. Still, doctors do not advise patients to do hard work after surgery. Thus, patients do not experience a painful process.

Is Hair Transplant Effective

There is no more effective solution than a hair transplant against hair loss. After a hair transplant, patients do not need a hair transplant again because they have permanent hair. Moreover, people from outside cannot understand that patients have hair transplant surgery after a hair transplant. Patients’ hair has a completely natural appearance.

Are Hair Transplants Getting Better

In the recovery phase after hair transplant, patients should be gentle with their hair follicles. Even the first wash after the hair transplant operation is vital. Therefore, patients can go to the clinic for the first hair washing procedure. In the clinic, doctors wash the patient’s hair without damaging the hair follicles. In the next period, patients should continue to wash their hair by massaging.

Where Does Hair Transplant Hair Come From

In hair transplants, doctors use patients’ hair follicles. The most suitable hair follicles for hair transplant are the hair follicles in the nape area. The hair on the nape does not fall out, except for some disease conditions. That’s why doctors collect these hair follicles one by one. Then, doctors transfer the patient’s bald hair follicles to their area.

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