Hair Transplant Reviews Turkey

Hair Transplant Reviews Turkey

Turkey offers many advantages to patients who come to Turkey for hair transplants. The hair transplant clinic in Turkey has the latest technology hair transplant equipment in the world. Likewise, the clinic serves patients with a staff of doctors who are experts in hair transplant. Therefore, the hair transplant clinic in Turkey has a high success rate in hair transplant. Thus, patients are satisfied with hair transplants in Turkey. Hair Transplant Reviews Turkey Also, when patients come to Turkey for hair transplants, they have the opportunity to have a short vacation in Turkey. Turkey has many beautiful places, both historical and natural. Patients can visit historical sites such as Hagia Sophia and Cappadocia. Also, they can enjoy the Mediterranean in regions such as Bodrum and Antalya.

Hair Transplant What Is It

Hair has great importance in people’s appearance. That’s why people care a lot for their hair. Although they care, people can have hair loss problems. In this case, a hair transplant is a more effective and guaranteed solution than all other solutions against hair loss. The most basic hair transplant definition is that doctors transfer the patient’s hair follicle from an area to the bald area. Thus, patients have their hair in another part of their head. After the hair transplant, there is no hair deficiency in the donor area of ​​the patients. In other words, patients have natural and full hair after a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant What To Expect

In the first few months after hair transplant surgery, patients begin to lose their new hair. Patients should not worry while this hair loss occurs. After hair loss, the hair of the patients will start to grow again. At the end of 6-12 months, patients’ hair will have an average length. After that, patients can make any decisions such as cutting and dyeing with their hair.

What To Do After Hair Transplant

Patients should do the first washing procedure a few days after hair transplant. During the first wash, patients should treat hair follicles very gently. Therefore, patients can come to the clinic if they want. In the clinic, doctors perform the first washing procedure without damaging the hair follicles of the patients. Then, patients can continue their lives by staying away from hot environments like a sauna. Doctors generally do not recommend that patients do hard work and exercise shortly after the operation. Patients can continue to do their office work.

When Hair Transplants Don’t Work

The failure rate in hair transplants is very low. Specialist doctors perform hair transplant surgery with the latest technology tools. Therefore, there is no risk for patients to worry about the success rate of hair transplants.

Are Hair Transplants Good

Hair transplant does not cause any dangerous or harmful effects for patients. On the contrary, patients feel happier after hair transplant surgery. After the hair transplant, patients start to be freer in their image and feel more self-confident. Thus, hair transplantation has a positive effect on the psychology of the patients.


What Does Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant fees vary according to the conditions and preferences of the patients. Therefore, each patient’s hair transplant surgery may have a different price. Therefore, patients should contact the hair transplant clinic and explain their situation. Patients do not have to come to the clinic for information. It is effortless to reach the hair transplant clinic via the website or by calling. Patients can request an illustrated online examination by communication means. The clinic requires several different photos from patients. Thanks to these photos, doctors can comment on patients’ conditions. Thus, patients get answers to all their questions from the clinic.


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