Hair transplant reviews turkey

Hair transplant reviews turkey

One of the quite wonderful countries for those who want to get hair transplantation is Turkey because the high quality operations that are offered in affordable prices in the country makes it quite a choice. If you have a hair transplant in mind, you can look at hair transplant reviews Turkey.

How hair transplant is done in turkey

In the hair transplant application, first of all, the hairline design will be planned. After that, hair density is designed by experts. Usually the nape area is chosen as the donor areas due to the resistant structure of the follicles there. Doctors collect follicles from the nape area to be transplanted go through separation towards the length and hair growth directions.

After the hair grafts are separated, new channels are opened for the hair follicles in the area, where the hair transplantation method will be applied. Hair follicles are started to be placed in these channels, opened one by one for hair follicles. This process is done by individually. The most important process in FUE hair transplantation, a hair transplant operation, is placing individual hair follicles in the canals in the correct depth and angle to achieve the most natural results.

Are hair transplants permanent

At the beginning of the misconceptions about hair transplantation, there is the idea that the hair transplant procedure is a temporary treatment method. The transplanted hair is taken from the nape of the neck, which is defined as the donor area. This area is also known as the “safe zone.” Since the hair follicles in this area are not affected by the DHT hormone, they are resistant to hair loss. Since the hair follicles to be transplanted are taken from the area that we call the donor area, which is resistant to hair loss, they will have the same genetic characteristics as the donor area. Therefore, newly transplanted hair follicles will continue to maintain their resistance to shedding in the future. At this point, it would be appropriate to talk about the shock spill phase briefly.

Shock loss, which occurs approximately 2 to 4 weeks after hair transplantation, results from a short-term trauma in the hair follicles after the operation. It is an inevitable process seen after transplantation.

It is an extremely normal and temporary situation. Even if the hair transplanted in the shock loss phase is shed, the roots are not damaged, and the hair will grow back again when they are settled in their new place.

Are hair transplants bad

If you are dealing with baldness and are not happy with your hair’s appearance, a hair transplant is a very nice treatment option. Hair transplantation gives you self-confidence and a beautiful appearance. So the answer to are hair transplants bad is absolute no.

Are hair transplants haram

Different donors are not used in hair transplantation. Only something that is taken from your body is transferred to another side. Therefore, hair transplantation is considered to be not haram.

Are hair transplants expensive

Today, most people who experience hair loss can spend a lot of money to regain their old hair. Considering the amounts spent on wig-like artificial hair prostheses and annual maintenance costs, the price of a permanent treatment such as hair transplantation will be in line with your budget, contrary to popular belief. When we look at Turkey, the prices are extremely reasonable without compromising on the quality in any way, and you will see that the best service to patients.

Are hair transplants forever

There is a shock shedding process you will experience after hair transplantation, after which your hair will completely get a natural look and continue to grow.

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