Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey

FUE Hair Transplant Technique

No traumatic surgical intervention! Do not wait a long time between sessions! Today, they make the majority of the FUE method of hair transplantation surgery. Surgery is not an attempt to give patients more comfortable and decided to prefer this technique. FUE method of hair is transplanted into the balding area taken individually. Cut the hair follicles in the donor area before the extraction process is shortened to 1 mm. To be the root of hair transplantation is numbed with local anesthetic drugs and region that will be held. Micro-motor end, the angle of the output makes it closer to the center of the hair shaft sunk into the skin is pulled to be appropriate. Hair follicles and surrounding it with microscopic tissue is cut in a cylindrical shape.

Gently pulled and follicular unit comes with micro forceps left the loose base. Thanks to this automated system operation download graft minimum wastage in operation

shortened time increased the number of grafts per unit time. The follicular units are placed on a much smaller hole opened in the balding area after being collected in this way.

Each follicular unit contains an average of 2 3 follicles. Other methods provide the advantages of the method are:

* The removal of tissue in the area where the graft is taken verbatim attempted only on about stem cells.

Cut and sewing operations in the region would not be taken Hair. Small diameter from 1.00 mm abrasions occur in the region where the roots of this abrasions closes in a few days and heal without scarring.
This technique grafts taken from the nape of Kas as used in the transfer of hair, mustache, beard also used in the transfer.
There is no need to wait a long time between sessions, depending on the healing process. With repeated sessions in one day.
In an average session of 5000 – can be up to 5500 grafts. Each has a hair graft from 1 to 5. 1 Graft hair, on average 2.5-3 hair.
55-60 or even more possible root of bread per square centimeter.
In addition to the lack of sensation of pain and post-operative days tissues allows for the choice of treatment.

In both methods, the first planted hair spilling over the end of the first month, 2 to 3 months after planting begin to emerge and grow. 6 months until the hair grows to fill out. But the most beautiful

the state of the transplanted hair after completing the adaptation process takes within 1 year. The hairs are shed for the loss from the region to be encoded.

Hair is the person’s own interests in the same color and character. The amount of hair and hair transplantation has taken shape in the direction of hair planted as important, the spontaneity of the frontal hairline is at least as important as the amount of transplanted hair. Hair transplantation is performed by a team of professionals gives very good results. Lifetime prolonged hair as it affects very positively to change the appearance of human psychology. Hair is a featured visuals and technology requires scientific capabilities

It is art. Extending in a healthy way, the people who receive its own natural hair is growing in the Trust. “Ultra Advanced Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation” Standard micro “Fue” plantation created an incredibly natural looking results, creating a single high-intensity session has limited amenities. Therefore, patients may have to have surgery to earn extra plump appearance. They convert the recently leading surgeons of the follicular unit graft procedure is placed very close together and, in a way, more compact ultra advanced follicular unit technique. This new “superior” procedure in one session to the patient quickly recovered, many densities offers the possibility of getting a result.

Differences between FUT and FUE methods

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) The most obvious difference between; the shape of the hair is removed from the scalp occurs differently.

Strip of hair from the nape of the case FUT 15 -20 inches long, 2 inches wide is taken. It is divided into slots that are placed under the microscope and the area under cultivation. In FUE method; hair shortened, micro motor roots with the help of special surgical tips are taken individually, are separated, sowing again the area to be individually inserted into slots. As in the case taken by the FUT technique hair cut strip scar after the operation. In FUE technique because there is no trace of hair will not be cut for the individual. FUT hair received an average of 90% of arable debugging while there was instantly lost between 5-8%; 100% of the arable land in the FUE method of hair.

You do not need to be shortened by the FUT hair, hair FUE method of hair transplantation with 0.5 – 1 numbers should be shortened. With FUT hair transplant recovery time is 20-25 days on the day of the finding; FUE method of hair transplantation in the healing process 7 – is uninhabitable for 10 days and loss of sensation in the FUE method.


Because the incision leaves a scar on the neck strips.

90% of the planted hair received in this method.

Loss of sensation in the neck after the operation, pain and tension.

Only arable neck hair.

The hair shows an angle suitable outlet.

As desired may be given to new hair.

After 10-15 days the stitches should be taken after the operation.

Beard, eyebrows, mustache done.

It should be done in the operating environment.

15 days ban on heavy sports.

With the FUE method Hair Implantation

Transmitter – which does not leave a scar in the donor area in the neck.

Get 100% of the arable hair.

Transmitter – no tension in the neck with donor sites.

Only hair in the nape of the hair can not be utilized in the body.

If the transplanted hair before pouring out how it will come out that way.

As desired may be given to new hair.

Cut the seams because there is no reception.

Beard, eyebrows, mustache done.

It should be done in the operating environment.

15 days ban on heavy sports.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE method (follicular unit extraction) method has advantages and disadvantages according to their changing in person. The most important decision you will make planting and experts; It is for you to decide which method is more appropriate.

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