Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

Hair is an essential factor in people’s appearance. Because of hair loss, people have looks that they do not like. The permanent and straightforward solution for hair loss today is a hair transplant. In a hair transplant, doctors collect the hair follicles from the back of the head of the patients. Then, doctors transfer the patients to the balding area by planting. Thus, patients have healthy and strong hair. In a hair transplant, patients have the opportunity to choose the FUE or DHI method.

Is Hair Transplant Effective

Hair transplant is a very effective method against hair loss. In a hair transplant, doctors transfer the patient’s hair. Therefore, patients have a natural appearance after surgery. Thus, the results of hair transplants cannot be differentiated by the natural hair. Also, patients have the opportunity to have an unshaved hair transplant. Thanks to unshaved hair transplants, patients can make hair transplants without changing their appearance.

Is Hair Transplant Permanent

In a hair transplant, doctors use the patient’s hair on the nape of the neck. Hair in the nape area is more resistant to the factors that cause hair loss and do not easily fall out. Therefore, the patient’s hair will not fall out after a hair transplant. That’s why a hair transplant is a permanent operation. Doctors examine patients before the surgery to examine the resistance of hair follicles in the donor area. If patients do not have a significant disease, a hair transplant is permanent for patients. If the hair on the patient’s neck is also fallen, doctors look for different hair follicles for a hair transplant operation. Doctors can select these hair follicles from other parts of the body.

Is Hair Transplant Successful

Hair transplant has a high success rate. Patients lose their hair in the first few months after surgery. Then the patient’s hair begins to grow more abundantly. At the end of 1 year, the patient will have the ideal hair length. Thus, patients can see success in hair transplants. The clinic shares before-after photos so that patients can understand the success rate. Therefore, doctors try to maximize permanence.

Is Hair Transplant Expensive

Hair transplant prices vary for various reasons. Therefore, patients should contact the clinic to learn about hair transplant prices. Patients can find different contact addresses on the clinic’s website. The best ways of communication are texting on WhatsApp and calling by phone. Therefore, patients can communicate with the clinic using these methods. Also, hair transplant prices vary according to the preferences of the patients. Patients have FUE or DHI and different hair transplant techniques with or without shaving. Therefore, patients can access cheap hair transplants.

Is Hair Transplant Worth The Money

Patients have a great positive change in their appearance after a hair transplant. Therefore, many patients prefer hair transplants for hair loss. Also, doctors use the latest technology tools in hair transplants. That’s why, in terms of price and performance, hair transplant is an operation worth its money. It is the best way for patients to get information about hair transplant prices by contacting the clinic.

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Worth It

After the hair transplant, the transplanted hair is not affected from the causes of hair loss and do not shed. Since it has a permanent effect, a hair transplant is often worth it. Doctors examine patients before hair transplant. If patients have any doubts about hair transplants, they should share them with their doctor. Patients can get information by calling the clinic by phone if they wish. Clinic staff and doctors can tell patients about all the information about hair transplants.