Fue hair transplant

Fue hair transplant

FUE Hair Transplantation is the process of taking hair follicles from the nape area, which does not have a genetic tendency to shed and place them in the empty front parts. The hair follicles that have settled in their new place protect their hair-resistant genes like in the nape of the neck. With the same methods, applications such as eyebrows, eyelashes, beards, mustaches, and hair transplantations are also performed.

Hair transplant what is it

Hair transplantation with FUE is a hair transplant performed by collecting the hair to be transplanted in the donor area one by one with a special tool. Compared to the old methods, this method does not leave any scars on the scalp since there is no incision in the donor site and the recovery of the scalp takes a very short time. Besides, the number of grafts collected is much higher than the old methods. It is performed under local anesthesia. You can talk to the person, take a meal or a rest break and continue again.

After hair transplant when does hair grow

During the transplanted hair growth and growth phase, it is normal to see oiliness and acne in the transplanted area and pass after a certain period of time.

After the 5th and 6th month, there are still cases where some hair follicles remain like thin hair or do not grow under the skin. The hair follicles still have not reached their natural state, and the post-transplant healing process has not been completed. Also, growth and change continue in hair growth.

From the 10th month, the hair follicles have grown, thickened, and the transplanted hair has begun to gain its own form. Now the self-dense image of the hair structure begins to form. One year after the hair transplant operation, the result is clearly understood.

How hair transplant Works

It is quite normal to wonder about how hair transplant works when you are interested in the treatment to restore a better density and a more aesthetic hairline. Here are the details about how hair transplant works.

How hair transplantation Works

The patient, who is tested and shaved, is taken to the operation room. Also, local anesthesia is applied to the donor area (usually the back of the neck), where the hair follicles will be collected.

The determined amount of hair follicles is extracted one by one from the donor area. The donor area is bandaged.

The collected grafts are sorted and made ready for transplantation.

The area to be transplanted is numbed with local anesthesia.

Small slots (channels) where hair follicles will settle are opened in the area to be transplanted.

The extracted hair follicles are placed in channels opened one by one. Then, the planting area is left open.

The patient is discharged after the operation, which can take approximately 4 to 8 hours.

How hair transplant is done?

A hair transplant operation is a microsurgical operation performed by doctors and nurses in a hospital environment. Hair transplantation, which is performed under local anesthesia, is performed by transporting the grafts collected by the FUE method from the spill-resistant nape area between the patient’s two ears to the balding area one by one and placing them in the opened slots.

Are hair transplants painful?

While investigating, sedation and jet injection are mainly applied for people who encounter local anesthesia and fear anesthesia needles.

Thanks to local anesthesia and various pain relief methods recommended by the physician. After the hair transplantation is completed, the patient can feel minimum pain.

In this case; does a hair transplant hurt? Such sensitive questions can be answered with a no.