Hair Graft

Hair Graft

A hair graft term is used for a strip of skin containing hair. Grafts can be taken from anywhere on the body, such as the back of your head. Still, they are generally selected from the healthy donor area due to that region’s high sustainability. The results of a hair transplant are visibly last a lifetime and are permanent. This is achieved with the hair grafts.

Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

Even though many people have hair loss problems, there is one common question on their minds: are hair transplants permanent? If you seek hair loss treatment, you will be happy to know that the hair transplant operation results are long-lasting. If you want your hair transplant to last forever, you must get it applied from an experienced doctor in high-quality clinics. Thus, you should search and compare the clinics thoroughly before deciding. However, even though there are several different causes, the hair transplant success rate is between 95 – 98 percent. After the hair transplantation, your hair transplant will last a lifetime, and it will remain strong and healthy as long as you take good care.

Are Hair Transplant Safe?

Let’s look at the percentage of the successes and failures of the hair transplant operation. According to the researches, a hair transplant success rate is between 95 – 98 percentage, and the failure rate is almost zero. However, good hair transplantation is applied by experts. Be careful with your choice, and contact the clinic to get more information before deciding. After the transplantation, you will get lifetime results and natural hair look within a year.

Are Hair Transplants Bad?

Hair transplants are done to prevent the hair loss problem, but it does not work for everyone. Hair transplants are mainly applied to restore your hair follicles if you have balding or thinning hair. So, actually, hair transplants are not bad, but if you cannot choose the clinic carefully, the results may not make you happy. A good hair transplant provides results that look natural with surrounding hair, but a bad hair transplant can result in several undesirable results.

Are Hair Transplants Forever?

If you are looking for a permanent solution to your hair loss, a hair transplant will be the best choice for you. When your hair transplantation is done, and after a few months, you can see the permanent results. Once your hair transplant area has fully healed, you will see the hair follicles as your own hair. Normally, a hair transplant lasts for a lifetime, but you have to take good care of your hair. Especially after the operation, you have to use shampoos that contain no chemicals.

Are Hair Transplants Painful?

Although many people want to have a hair transplant, the most common question in their mind is: Is a hair transplant painful. The answer is, of course, no, a hair transplant is not a painful operation. By learning the fact that hair transplantation is not painful, you can take a deep breath and relax. However, you still need to be very careful with your surgeon’s choice. The hair transplant is not as difficult and painful as the patients might think. Even though the patient will not feel anything during the hair transplantation, they might feel some ache in the transplanted area after the process. This pain will only last 24 hours, but the patient should carefully look at the transplanted area. Using special shampoos, creams, and oils will help. If these do not work and you are sensitive to pain, you can use medications with your doctor’s advice. So, is a hair transplant still comes painfully to you?