Hair transplant for women

Hair transplant for women

Hair transplantation in women; is a treatment highly preferred by women recently. Hair loss is a common health problem in women as well as in men. All kinds of cosmetic products are used to stop hair loss caused by dozens of different reasons. If hair loss continues, an opening occurs in the upper part of the head. If there is an opening in the head’s upper part due to hair loss, it is time to have a hair transplant because the cosmetic products used after hair loss do not grow hair. Hair transplant operation, which is thought to be only for male, can also be successfully applied to women. The process is continued with the usual course of hair transplantation.

Are hair transplants dangerous

Hair transplantation, which is performed by transplanting the hair follicles taken from the donor area to the balding area, is performed painlessly thanks to local anesthesia applied to the transplantation area. While hair transplantation is no longer a painful procedure thanks to local anesthesia, pain in the form of slight leakage may be felt depending on the person’s pain threshold when the anesthesia is injected. In this way, Experts will complete your hair transplantation process without even feeling what is happening in the procedure performed on your mind.

Are hair transplants effective

Yes. The transplanted hair is taken from the back of the scalp and transferred to the bald area. The transferred tissue is not rejected because it is not foreign tissue. Transplanted hair preserves its characteristics such as color, texture, growth rate, and curl. Also, it is known that it is a very useful method according to the reviews made and the satisfaction of the people who have hair transplantation.

Can hair transplants fall out

In the period between the second week and the second month after hair transplantation, a shock loss occurs in the transplanted hair. These spills are a part of the treatment process and are considered normal. After the shock shedding, a thin amount of hair remains in the transplanted section. After the first three months, the shock shedding process is completed, and the transplanted hair begins to grow and grow. Due to the hair strands’ adaptation process to the newly transplanted area, they can come out in a period of 6 to 1 year. New hair is achieved between the 9th and 12th months.

After hair transplant, when does hair grow

The elongation process starts with shock shedding. Since the hair transplanted in this process passes to a different phase, they experience a sudden shedding, but this situation is temporary. Spilled hair will grow back healthily. Most people feel anxious at this stage, but, normally, they should be calm. Usually after the 15th day, a slight shock shedding begins and on the 60th day, the shock spill phase is completed.

Why hair transplant

One of the biggest goals of hair transplantation is to gain self-confidence. In addition, people who are not satisfied with their appearance can also apply for hair transplantation. Besides the procedures, having hair transplantation is more suitable for your budget and provides a more natural appearance.

Why hair transplants work

The FUE hair transplant technique is a surgical procedure model applied without a scalpel and stitches. The procedure takes at least two sessions according to the patient’s hair structure and hair follicles. After the operation, the patient does not leave any stitch marks or surgical procedures. Hair follicles taken with the FUE technique are used not only for hair but also for eyebrow, beard, and mustache transplantation.