Hair Transplant Results

Hair Transplant Results

Even though a hair transplant is considered to be a painful operation, it has many benefits and is not as painful as it seems. A hair transplant helps you to restore your hair. Hair transplant results can be seen between six and nine months after the surgery. Even if it takes almost a year, hair transplantation makes it possible to look natural. It lasts a lifetime, and its chance of failure is nearly zero. After a year, you will recover fully, and until that time, your hair will be look just as natural.

Is Hair Transplant Successful?

Hair transplants are more successful than other hair restoration products, so the answer is yes. A hair transplant success rate is between 95 and 98 percent, and the failure percentage is almost 0. We cannot give the exact number, but from up to 80 percent of the transplanted hair will grow back in four to five months.

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Safe?

Hair transplantation has been done with modern techniques since the late 1950s. Hair transplant surgery has developed until today and, at the same time, the hair transplant success rate. The lowest hair transplant success rate is considered 90 percent. Thus, hair transplant surgery is done with modern techniques to get a permanent result. We can clearly say that hair transplant surgery is safe, but search the clinic you will go to for hair transplant thoroughly before deciding.

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Worth It?

This question depends on the people’s condition. It is obvious that hair transplants are more successful than other hair restoration products such as shampoos, creams, oils, etc. However, there are some things to consider before getting hair transplantation. Hair transplants are generally worth it for everyone. Hair transplants are generally used to restore hair if you have balding or thinning, and most hair transplant operations are done with your existing hair. If you have widespread baldness or thinning, hair loss due to medications, and thick scalps scars, a hair transplant may work for you.

Is Hair Transplant Safe in Turkey?

If you have searched about hair transplantation before, you must have heard Turkey even once. Turkey is among the most known countries for its high-quality hair transplants. In Turkey, there are a lot of clinics operating by experienced doctors that you might be looking for. The cost of hair transplants in Turkey is lower than the cost in other countries. Hair transplant costs are low in Turkey, not only in 2020 but also all the time. It is affordable in Turkey because the country has low labor costs and devalued currency, but in some clinics the price may change according to the number of follicles you need. Having hair transplantation in Turkey has many advantages. Most of the clinics arrange accommodation and transfers from a five-star hotel room to VIP airport-hotel-clinic transfers.

Is Hair Transplant Surgery Painful?

It does not matter whether the patient has a FUT or FUE technique. As the patient is under local anesthesia while the hair transplant is performed, the patient feels no pain during the operation. After the operation, you may feel some mild pain in the transplanted area, but it is normal and termporary.

Is Hair Transplant your own Hair?

Hair transplant is done by taking the patient’s healthy follicles from the back of its head or other parts of the body. Still, if you would receive hair follicles from someone else, your body would reject them without immune-suppressant medicines. The hair follicles must be taken from your own scalp. Please contact us for further details on the successful hair transplant techniques.